Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements when creating a User ID and Password?
A: They must contain at least 4 characters, either letters or numbers, and they are case sensitive.
Q: Where can I find my vendor number?
A: Your vendor number is located on the bottom of your purchase order and begins with a #2. If you didn't receive a purchase order from your buyer, send an e-mail to and include a recent invoice number so we find the correct vendor number.
Q: How do I search for an invoice once I'm logged in?
A: The easiest way to use the portal to search is to only enter in one field, for example, the invoice number. Once you enter that, click the word "enter" on the left hand side to execute the search. If you leave everything blank and click "enter", it will populate any and all invoices we have received from you.
Q: Can I search for more than one invoice at a time?
A: Yes, enter each invoice number separated by a comma in the invoice field.
Q: What if my invoice does not appear on the website?
A: If an invoice is past due and not showing on the website, it means we never received that and you should fax it back into us for processing. Please review the Ashland Billing Requirements on the home page to find what specific fax number that should be sent to.
Q: Why doesn’t the invoice or payment amount match what the original invoice was submitted for?
A: That could mean there was a pricing discrepancy or some other issue that caused us to short pay this. Please contact your original buyer or purchaser to discuss further.
Q: How long will it take for my invoice to be processed?
A: Once we receive your invoice, please allow 5-7 business days
Q: What if the payment due date listed is incorrect?
A: If there are any discrepancies with the payment terms you are seeing on the website, please reach out to your buyer or purchaser to discuss further, AP has no control over payment terms.
Q: I received a payment, but there was no remittance information included, how do I find what invoices were paid?
A: Only enter the amount of the payment received in the "Payment Amount" field on the right hand side. The system will provide the invoice numbers that make up the payment.
Q: What are the common the Payment Methods?
A: ACH/EFT (A or B) ; Checks (C, K, E, M or O); Wire (F, I or W)